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ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO LTD is the manufacturer of garden and farm machines.

1) Market manager with 20 years of garden machine market experience
2) Engineers with 40 years of development of engine
3) Quality control manager of 15 years working with Market manager
4) Complete step of quality control under your eyes
5) Samples sealed before placing order
6) Parts-checking on the production line according to sealed sample
7) Quality problem found and solution in factory
8) Quality checking before shipment and solution before shipment
9) Parts supply and supply all claims over the workd
10) Service training or repair service in the customer’s working factory.
11) Responsibility of all lost if problem happened
12)Claims collected and solution on the side of customers
13)No MOQ is limited for general products with FARMBOXER brand or OEM order.

Meet our partner's satisfaction by improving technique and quality

Zhejiang Gardentec Co., Ltd. is a privately operated enterprise specializing in the research, development and sales of agricultural machinery and garden machinery. There is one German scientific and technical personnel, 7 domestic technicians, 7 domestic and foreign sales personnel and 8 technicians. The main markets are Thailand, Vietnam, India, Laos and other Southeast Asian countries. The main products are micro tillage machines, multi-purpose farming machines, solar generators and water pumps, lawn mowers, chain saws, rice milling machines, corn machines, and powder machines. 

Sales in 2019 are expected to exceed 20 million yuan.

In order to seize the opportunity, Zhejiang Gardentec Co., Ltd., together with its Jinhua Gardentec Import and Export Company, integrates domestic long-term cooperation with high-quality suppliers, and vigorously promotes small and medium-sized agriculture to potential customers in the Belt and Road countries as well as existing cooperative new and old customers. Mechanical products and forestry machinery products are well received by domestic and foreign customers, especially African customers. They are very interested in our agricultural machinery products and the cooperation and purchasing intentions are very strong.

Through market research, our company has launched one-stop 4S agricultural machinery and its tool service stores in African countries. Through strict control of product quality, unified brand image, and careful after-sales service, our products and brands are deeply penetrated into end users. 

The company currently has 3 production bases in Yongkang and Jinhua, and 2 sales abroad. 

ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.also donated our fogging machines to disease control department.

 We hope all persons who hope our world become rich can bring you up good advice and thinks to make the farmer job easy.

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