ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.Farm boxer Donating foggers to kill virus

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2020-01-31


JINHUA GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO,.LTD. Donated 50 pcs of foggers to the government to prevent the virus and kill the virus.

Today ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD sent the FARMBOXER branded foggers to the virus prevent department. All technique is provided within 24 hours for the university, schools and bus station, train station.

The smokers can produce foggers and can take small medicine granule which can go to all places.

FARMBOXER branded foggers is good at quality and function,Now all hospital use farmboxer foggers to produce fogger to kill virus and disinfection.

After communication with our customers, they agree to delay their shipment and let us use in China.

ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD help the workers to use in hospital and schools.