FARM BOXER got “GREAT” satisfaction evaluation from our partners

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2019-09-15

FARM BOXER service team always focus on the satisfaction of customers, the quality is first attention of our work. All other works is subject to the quality-control system. Because of the insist of the quality idea, so our customers always think ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD is reliable parts.

We always keep improving of our service and quality control system which is practical work according to the end using environment. So for our products, there is not big problem of quality.

But it is not 100% with 100 scores, we have large gap to go ahead with hard working,we need to work much harder than before to get 99% of good feedback from customer.

What we praise from customers is much more than we ourselves to be confident, we need to work harder than before, forever, and think more!

Thanks for our partners IPT’s evaluation of company and thanks to this company’s trust, we feel more confident to make better service our customers with professional skill and high quality instrument.


ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO,.LTD.and JINHUA GARDENTEC IMPO&EXP CO,.LTD. always pay attention all suggestion from partners. We will pay more attention to the quality improve and new product innovation of bruch cutters, chain saws,tillers,foggers,trimmers,Lithium-Ion battery garden machines and farm machinery,hand tools products.we are just for farmer’s job,so it is FARM BOXER,which is farmer’s brand and strength.

This is our second Farm box branded shop in China