The wood pallet stove is for your cold room

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The season is coming for the wood pallet stove. FARM BOXER branded Wood Pellet Stove, it's the best pellet stove that comes with a smart controller.

The smart controller mentioned above allows you to choose your settings according to your needs. It can either be manual, thermostat or weekly operational modes to heat your home according to your preferred schedule.

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This  Pallet stove has a greater than 80% thermal efficiency. For this reason, the stove has a heating capacity of up to 1600 sq.Ft

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With its automatic ignition, five feed rates, and blower speeds, this stove proves to be the most convenient in the market. You can easily monitor its functionality through its LED display. In addition to that, it takes care of the environment as it is EPA certified.

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Cleaning this pellet stove is a breeze. While others require disassembling, this stove doesn't. All you require to do is dump the easy-to-access fire-pot and ash pan and sweep out the exhaust pipe.

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You will avoid picking something quick that will end up being inefficient. The Comfortably Pellet Stove is one of the best pellet stove for winter.

With up to 50,000BTU, it's a guarantee that you and your family members or your co-workers will be warm all through the day/night. It heats up to 2,000sq. feet this is an additional guarantee of keeping you warm.

When the fire burns, it produces an amazing view. This stove has a large viewing area with a bay design. Its charcoal grey area will make your fireplace a wonderful place to behold

This stove has a powerful blower with an 86% burn efficiency. It's EPA certified and uses 110V. With this, your environment will be safe, and your electricity bill won't break your bank.

Its hopper capacity weight is 55lbs. You can easily move it around. It comes with an auto ignition, ash pan, and a programmable thermostat.

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FARM boxer have the advanced production line for the wood pellet stove,we have the instruments to be sure of its size and dimension to let the products reach the perfect position