How to chose the best solution for your garden works

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2019-08-21

Two wheeled brush cutters fields test before shipment   

The field testing is our important step of the quality control system.When the goods are ready well waiting for final step of packing,it is necessary to test in the field although we have the full quality control on the production line,it is last gate of the quality,if without it,the quality will be potential,at least,we can not feel confident to say,there is no problem.

When field test,it is really a big cost,because we need our workers and oil and fuel,tools even in the 43 degree weather,one time it needs 2—3 tanks of fuel.

In the hot weather,it needs our workers to have the energy to do this job,if they can not,it will be dangerous to working with high speed machines with hot engines.but our workers can do this job with full attention,they need to watch the machines and check what its problem is and what is potential problems and how to cause is hard job.

They need to focus on it and keep all small problem which caused the customers headache small troubles such as leaking, no fixing, small parts loosing and so on.

FARM BOXER always respect the end users as the first because if the machines can not work,the end users can not know its problem or how to solve because they have no tools,so the headache will let the users disappointed and tired of the machines,the result is that,the customers waste time and return the machines to the shop,that is very terrible disaster!So FARM BOXER team will clear these troubles for partners,you just sell and take the money,easy.

Especially FARM BOXER is specialized in the garden machines and farm machines such as brush cutters,chain saws,water pumps and rice cutters and paddy cutters,hoe cutters. Farm boxer team always test the machines in the side of end user.