Products Name:The FARM BOXER branded water field weeds cutters a

Product Category:Multifunction Machines

Product Description:

After 1 years of development and improving,now the water field cutters is stable and perfect to use.

We have improved the following:

1.The weightlight is smaller.

2.The sharp blade of finger is new

3.It can be fixed with other brush cutters

The FARM BOXER branded water field weeds cutters are designed to clear the weeds in the water field:

1.Lightweight wheels assembly.
2.Sharp fingers blades is easy to take the weeds
3.The gear case is heavy duty to use long life
4.The weeds head can be fixed with different brand brush cutters.

5.It is economic and every brush cutters users can have it for farmer use

Please check the vedo

you can our customers was using it in water field,it easy to use and quick operation.but it is a pity that,he did not wear the protect and ware ears to let him in safety,the mud fly at him.

You can check other real photo of this kind of wheels

Now it is for India market,please take the samples to test

Because it is new products,so we can send any quantity for you to test on your side and we can send them to your containers from China.

You are welcome to our products.